Geometric Visualizer Tool (GVT) is an entertaining geometry playground. Spawn 3 to 16 shapes (3 circles in various thicknesses and 6 other geometrically interesting patterns) in evenly distributed angles and watch the magic of math happen. Visually see the basic to complex shapes emerge as you progress deeper into the numbers. Control the Speed, Timeout, Growth Rate, Spawn Rate, Size, Rotation, Time Scale, and Gravity of the created shapes with your keyboard or the touchscreen controls. A number of graphical effects can be applied one or more at a time (like Warps and Pulses) and all effect parameters randomize with a touch or tap. Also includes a ColorMode (with a seperate set of effects) which delves more into the territory of screensaver or VJ tool. Lastly, a one shot mode is available for single blasts of 1 to 16 circles and larger blasts of 32,64,128, and 256 circles. All instructions are on screen and touchscreen controls can be brought by tapping the circle in the top right of the screen. ENJOY! PLEASE NOTE : I built no limits into how far you can push any of the particular parameters so turning anything too high can result in significant lag depending on the speed of your system. Pressing 'R' or the Reset button in touchscreen mode will start everything over.

 Release Notes: V0.1 'Geometric Visualizer Toy' is born New in V0.2 Hit the 'N/P' key to switch to negative or positive mode. (White/Black)/(Black/White) (P Key Toggles back and forth since v0.7) New in V0.3 Hit 'C' to enter Color Mode. Use the Q/E Keys to increase and decrease the speed. (Entering ColorMode is F Key since V0.7) Added WebGL effects (if you have a WebGL capable browser) Hit 'G' to bring up the WebGL menu. New in v0.4 HypnoMode. Press 7 or 8 to enable/disable spirals. Once in hypno mode [/] keys control the speed of rotation for spiral 1 (7 key) and 0/9 keys control spiral 2 (8 key) New in v0.5 Doubled circle resolution. Made circle thinner. Cleaned up the UI. Replaced 'Glow' effect in WebGL menu with 'Dotted'. Modified behaviour of 'Pulse' and 'Warp' effects. Increased framerate. New in v0.6 Added Randomize all parameters (SPACE BAR) Cleaned up UI (New fonts) Added WebGL effects in ColorMode. (1 - polar invert, 2 - polka dot, 3 - dotted, 4 - warp, 5 - pulse) New in v0.7 Switch between three different circle thicknesses and 6 other geometrically interesting shapes (z key cycles through them) All 5 WebGl effects can now be run simultaneously. 6 Key turns off all effects. Keys X/C/V/B/N randomize effect 1/2/3/4/5 respectively. UI Clean up, fixed Webfonts. (P Key now toggles positive/negative state) (F Key now brings up ColorMode) New in v0.8 Version 8 sees a switch from 6 circles to 8 circles. All circles (and other objects) now originate from the exact center of the screen. On screen display of Speed, Time, Growth, and Size. Added a 2 second delay for the previous particle to destroy when switching shapes (no more blank screen between) Modified the initial Speed, Time, Growth, Size of each shape to produce more interesting results when switching. M Key now switches between 8 or 16 segments (16 segments takes twice the processing power, only recommended for faster PCs) (Sorry for the large window, but the new code requires I display it at it's native resolution of 1280x720) ,/. Keys now increase/decrease gravity. (gravity count added to display) Shift Key initiates Chaos. +Random enhancements to Colormode. New in v0.9 Touchscreen controls. Hit T on the keyboard to bring them up on screen or touch/click the touch right corner of the window. Top left corner hides text. New in v1.0 'Geometric Visualizer Toy' becomes 'Geometric Visualizer Tool'. Switch between 3-16 segments. One shot mode. Various tweaks. Changed shape 5. Time Scale and Rotation added. New in v1.1 Small bug fixes New in v1.2 Fixed a bug where previous shapes weren't being destroyed when using touchscreen. New in v1.3 Take screenshots with 'Y Key'. Save and load from 11 slots (instructions on screen.)


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